Why and How do we Fast??

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I promised on Sunday to write a short blurb on why we pray and fast. Why can’t we just pray without fasting.

Fasting, among other things, is symbolic of sacrifice. It is a way to reflect a determination to our prayer requests. It is also a reminder that we are reliant on nothing, or no one, else but God. As such we give up something significant on that day to honour God as our sole source of strength, as well as show a commitment to our prayer requests. Some may completely not eat anything the whole day, from sun up to sun down, and only break fast after the sun goes down. Others, alternatively, may choose to give up a meal, for example lunch. Then there are those who, for medical reasons or otherwise, are unable to give up meals and so may choose to give up something else instead, like coffee, sweets, or even watching TV, using their telephone, engaging in social media, and the list goes on. The item of sacrifice itself is not important, but it must be of some ‘cost’ to us.

So please, when you fast, choose to give up something that you generally do daily, and is important or of significance to you, which will consciously remind you that you are giving it up on that day to honour God and to be dedicated to your prayer requests. Finally, if you are able to fast and pray for more than just one day, then please make it a regular practice. It is good for your soul. And don’t do it religiously, do it lovingly and willingly onto our great God.

Hope this brief comment helps you understand why we fast.

Be blessed everyone.