La-el means ‘Belonging to God’

For women, so much of our identity and purpose is based on what we do, whom we may be married to or why we are single, which child is ours, where we work, what clothes we wear, even where we live.

Our IDENTITY is about whom we BELONG to, our PURPOSE, a measure of our perceived self-worth.

As the women of 1church we want to encourage each other find our purpose, to be fulfilled, to be alive and energized for the lives we lead. We want to help you discover the peace, security and joy that comes from knowing you belong to an amazing God.
Helping one another grow from the inside out so we reach in to the complicated core of our humanity that is so precious, beautiful and fiercely protected by our God.

We will laugh, we will cry, we will listen and share; we will eat chocolate and drink copious cups of tea and coffee together.
All the necessary ingredients to neither take ourselves too seriously but to also nurture one another from the youngest to the oldest.

Wherever you are – we will meet you there!

Please feel free to contact the Lael Team Members – Tania (Team Leader) Bethany, Coby or Helen  via the church office on (08) 95811980 or admin@1church.net.au