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This incorporated organisation was set up by Mandurah Baptist Church in 2004 as an independent organisation to serve the community with positive projects.

These programs operate from the 1Church Ministry Centre

Programmes run under the Bridge Builders Banner are:

  • Food Ministry – Shops & supermarkets have excess of good food. Bridge Builders Pick up their excess food & bring it back to our centre where it is sorted & packaged for different uses. Our food parcels (a box of mixed food) are given to those in need. A service charge of $5 is asked from those who can pay to cover costs. Over 100 parcels are given out each month. Many people have expressed their appreciation. Excess bread is sent to four retirement villages who exchange it for cans of food that we then use in our food parcels.

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  • Migrant Centre – Bridge Builders helps with migrants that have come to Australia. These are normally highly trained people who need work. Many have to take on other occupations while waiting for their own profession. They need support in a different culture. This group meet weekly & are provided English speaking support.

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  • Bridge Builders Overseas Aid

After 4 years of developing community outreach programs for the Mandurah
region including Craft, Toddler Jam, Mops, Bookshop, Migrant Centre and more recently,
Community Food Service Bridge Builders Ministries (Inc) expanded our vision to support the
needy and spread the gospel overseas.

Our first project began in 2011 with a youth group led by our youth pastor, Anthony to a small
village in the Chhuk Commune in Kampot Cambodia. During this visit several bores were constructed to provide fresh water for the community.

Our overriding philosophy in supporting poverty stricken & abused peoples is to create a safe environment and develop sustainable beneficial projects. We all understand that to teach a man to fish, will feed his family. How we
keep him fishing, gardening or raising livestock for the future requires education about “How”, it is achieved for long term sustainability.

Since BBOA has been in partnership with the registered Cambodian “not for profit” entity – Children Care & Community Development Organisation (CCDO) we have establish 3 bores, constructed 3 houses to support orphaned and sexually abused children, equipped and assisted the local hospital, developed a small local school, constructed pig pens and taught modern farming
methods, constructed a dam for fish farming and purchased and cultivated two large plots of land for food agriculture.

We have applied to the Australian Government to be classified as an “Approved Organisation” – with donations for our work to be classified as “Tax Deductible”. This effort is ongoing with a third round of applications to be submitted in the immediate future. Our plans are to extend this Christian outreach into other communities including Indonesia, New Guinea and Africa where 1church has already established mission outreach.

As you can appreciate, this work can not be achieved without your generous support and we urge you, if God has touched your heart, to contact us

admin@bridgebuilders.org.au  or (08) 95811980


Other programmes run by 1Church are:

  • Craft – This group is the oldest of our projects & provides socialisation for those who enjoy craft & for some it’s simply a good place to chat. A creche is often available for children.

Craft 1Craft Christmas

For more information on any of the above groups please contact the 1church ministry centre (08) 9581 1980