About Us


Our Church is made up by a group of diverse people from different cultures, ethnicities and nationalities who love Jesus Christ and have made Lakelands and it surrounding communities our home.

Inspired by the example of Jesus Christ, we are a community who earnestly seeks to serve our great God in the manner taught to us by our Saviour. Our aspiration is to flourish and grow as our God had intended for His Church, and demonstrate His love to the community we are placed in. It is also our hope that as we connect and participate in serving our community, people will have a real opportunity to experience God’s love through Jesus Christ and us, His people, and come into a relationship with Him.

At our core we are a local community Church and we are committed to see our world transformed in a way that will give glory to God, who lovingly gave His Son, Jesus, as a atoning sacrifice, so that all people would be afforded the opportunity to have their sins forgiven and brought into a restoring relationship with God.

Being located at Mandurah Baptist College in Lakelands, we are also dedicated to stand in support of our College and join effort in benefitting and serving our community.

Our Vision:


Real People living Real Stories, with a true Hope in a Loving God, Learning to do Life Together and Serving our Community.

7 Chords make our vision and shape who we are. These chords direct our actions, culture and outlook.

Chords of Our Vision:

  • Real God
  • Real People living Real Stories
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Learning
  • Life Together
  • Serving Community

Our Vision in an Image:


Click on the link below to see our 2020 Vision Document

LCC 2020 Whole Vision Document